Is lap dancing legal? – Pole Dance Fitness Classes Near Me Today Yard

A: As long as it’s not a “dance floor” or “shimmy” where performers are forced to move their bodies in a specific way.

Q: So what type of dancing is acceptable in Oklahoma?

A: Traditional dance – like a pole dance, a “twerking” or a “hip-hop” style of dance.

Q: Aren’t pole dances against the law?

A: Yes.

Q: How can I get a pole dance permit in Oklahoma?
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A: A pole dance permit is available in Oklahoma by registering with the Oklahomany County Sheriff’s Office and paying a $45 fee.

Q: What if I’m not sure if I can dance pole?

A: Ask in advance at a pole- dance location.

Q: Can I carry my pole?

A: No.

Q: Where can I put the pole?

A: It can’t be in public spaces like roads, parks, or public structures.

Q: Can we take the pole to an outdoor area?

A: We recommend it, but not necessarily required.

Q: Can I make it into an entertainment venue or perform at a pole dance?

A: Yes, we understand what some folks have been doing around the globe (solo shows).

Q: Can I wear anything more than a t-shirt? Can I be covered in mud?

A: Only when it’s raining.

Q: Will my pole be stolen or damaged in the process?

A: Possibly, but it’s hard to say exactly.

Q: Can it be used for profit?

A: Although pole dancing is not explicitly prohibited, a pole dance promoter or club may not be paying a performer or another person to perform or promote their event unless authorized by the sheriff.

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Is lap dancing legal? – Pole Dance Fitness Classes Near Me Today Yard
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