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No, it’s illegal.

No, it’s not illegal.

In many places in the United States it’s illegal.

If you had some kind of drug and there was a police officer, would you be able to legally be in it?


Okay, let’s talk about the first part. Okay, it’s not only illegal for people to have drugs, but it’s also illegal to carry that drug.

Is that the only thing? Is that the only thing?

Yes, and it’s just not a very good way because you can accidentally get into trouble.

Okay, I understand. I understand that. But where do I find out that? That could be at the school or at a mall —

Yes, but I don’t think you should ever go over there. You’re walking down the road, you’ve already crossed the police station, you’re all alone. That’s a place you shouldn’t ever go over there.

What do you mean by that?

So maybe you do cross the police station …

But I was in one of those movies where you look at somebody and he looks like a terrorist and he’s looking at you …

No, I think most drug addicts would not give a rat’s ass about a terrorist. They wouldn’t look at you at all.

Are you saying that they wouldn’t put you under arrest?

No, I think you do look like a terrorist or terroristlike to them.

And you’re not looking suspicious for that reason?

I was not doing anything suspicious to be on the side of the road.

I’m asking you specifically. You said that your mind was clear?


OK, it’s your second opinion after the officers have finished with you. What do you mean?

I was in that situation where they were questioning me and I was on me knees. I’m like, “I can’t talk anymore,” and they were pulling my shirt down and I think it looked like they were going to strip me down to my boots and take my pants off. They were going to take my pants off.

They were saying that?


Is that why you were on your knees? Is that why you needed to have your arms out so high —

I wanted to get my pants off and get my boots.


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Is lap dancing legal? – Pole Dance Clothes Etsy Stock Ticker
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