Is lap dancing legal? – Exotic Pole Dance Competition 2019

We know it’s a great idea. How do we know? Because many of us have tried it, and we have a very clear idea of how people react to it. We don’t think there are any bad experiences, and we don’t think there are any good ones – even in the gay community, it seems everyone has the experience of doing it once. Some people are terrified, some people look like crap, for some people, it’s a dream come true, and others think it’s embarrassing. But, it seems like it’s everywhere, so there may be many different types of people who are OK with it, too.

A lot of people who dance seem to do so simply because it’s a social experience in a lot of ways (not to mention a great way to work out what you’d like to do in the future), and not to put too fine a point on it. The only thing we really want them to know is to be on the same level as everyone else, and that doesn’t mean they’re in on the joke, or to give themselves a free pass – if that’s the case, then they’re not allowed in our club (or at least aren’t encouraged to make themselves comfortable).

We feel we owe the members of our community a more balanced approach, that includes respect for each other whilst also maintaining a high level of personal judgement and a respect for the club culture. If there is anything you think we could add, please do get us in touch – I’m interested in hearing other ways you can support our club.

If you are a member of our gay community and wish to get in touch, contact:

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Is lap dancing legal? – Exotic Pole Dance Competition 2019
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