How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dancing Classes Portland Maine

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The weight, and the length, of your pole is directly related to the height of your pole. You can purchase one or build one that will fit on top of another pole so that you have all the components together for a stable and strong unit. What if I want to move my pole farther?

The weight of your pole can increase your pole’s center of gravity which will cause it to bounce about when you move it. The center of gravity can increase from the first one you purchase a pole from. You will not have to purchase multiple poles to achieve center of gravity. The first pole you purchase will probably have the lowest weight on the pole and it will be the weight to move it. To move a pole higher on, you will have to purchase an extended pole from us.

Are pole carriers made of any material? Can I mix and match poles and pole carriers?

Poles are made from fiberglass or a PVC plastic. Pole carriers are constructed of PVC or fiberglass and are compatible with poles. The carrier’s length will depend upon your purchase. You will also need to add or adjust the length of the pole carrier to fit on the carrier as there will be some excess PVC or fiberglass on the pole.

What are the dimensions of a pole?

The length of your pole will be from the center of your pole to the center of the pole on either end. You will be able to see the exact dimensions of a pole from either end. The maximum diameter of your pole when it is fully extended, will be approximately 18″ in length. The maximum width of your pole will be 18″ from the center. For example, if your pole is 12″ long and the center is 12″ from the center of your pole, then your pole will have a maximum diameter of 12″ from the center of your pole.

The center of gravity for a properly set up pole is on the opposite edge of the pole from the pole.

What does the “S” symbol mean when I’m buying a pole?

The term for “S” stands for Standard.

The standard or standard length is a term that describes the total length of an item/product. If the length is greater than the standard length, then this item or product must be ordered accordingly to be eligible for this rate. Standard lengths usually range from 9′ to 30′ but some lengths on certain items are even larger. Some examples are:

12′ long pole for a 24

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How much weight can a dance pole hold? – Pole Dancing Classes Portland Maine
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