How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Gif

In my opinion, 1-2″ is plenty.

What kind of pole?

Any type. A pole made out of plastic or wood is fine. We have a pole made out of PVC that we use as well!

Do I have to be in a pole dancing class to use the pole for pole dancing?

Nope! However, if you want to learn how to use the pole when in a class, we encourage you to sign-up for it. Please call to set up an audition.

What about pole dancing classes?

Jenyne Butterfly World's Best Pole Dancer Greatest Hoop ...
You can also check out our pole fitness classes, pole ballet classes, pole yoga classes, and pole dance classes. They are all great for both beginners and professionals!

This is a very unique and beautiful dress that I ordered on Etsy. It is very stretchable as well as very flattering and I’m 5’11” and a size 9. It was not on a budget so I knew that I made up my mind to order it. The dress looked great in the pictures and it really makes you feel comfortable but if you’re short you will want it cut to fit better. I will recommend this dress to anyone and anyone will be glad they ordered one !

Love this dress! I purchased it in a size 8 and it fit me perfectly, no adjustments were needed. It was so much fun! As for the fabric, I will say that it is fairly sheer but not as sheer as other reviews have stated it is a little on the chubby side and can seem uncomfortable if you’re short. I’m usually a size 10 or 11. I also found that I could not easily remove the zipper so I needed a hook and eye on hand. I had to use a hook and a loop to hold it on as well as a very strong needle nose pliers to pull everything out. The only thing that I can’t say about it is whether it would be comfortable if taken off by hand but if you’re going to wear it, it should be easy to take off as it has a back zipper

Awesome!!!! I ordered this dress online and it was amazing! The dress fits perfectly and the cut perfectly. The price was amazing and very reasonable! I couldn’t recommend this dress enough because of the quality and the style!

Love it! Loved the fit and feel! I wore this over a white t-shirt and it was everything I expected! It was long enough (I’m 5’3″ – 5′

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How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Gif
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