How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Classes In Detroit Michigan

The number of seats on pole dancing stages depends on you: You don’t necessarily have to pole dance to be in the top 10%. Many of us will not even be in the top 30…

Do I have to do pole for me and my partner to be able to rent a pole dance floor?

Generally, yes. This depends on how many people in your party you are planning to pole for, but there is no set set percentage. The more people you pole for the more valuable the pole dancing floor goes to and the more valuable the flooring is.

Is pole dancing safe?

For anyone new or any dancer, pole dancing is inherently risky. A good pole dancer will be able to protect themselves if they are very careful with their pole movement and will be very careful with the pole and anyone standing on it as well. Most of the time you will find a pole partner or pole dancing crew who have been doing this and will be willing to teach you or give you tips.

The important thing is that you learn in advance, and if you are nervous or unsure about using pole, you can always come for practice and have a friendly pole dance with one of the friends you have and do some practice for sure. There is a risk involved, and you are there to learn and get comfortable. I hope this information helps, and if you have specific questions please feel free to leave a comment here, you never know who can help!

Do I need to bring my own pole?

There are a couple different types of poles:

You can use a pole that is your own, or you can rent a pole from a pole company.

There are some pole companies that will rent you a pole – they are usually around $100 or less!

There will be no pole dancing on the poles – these are all fixed ropes.

For the most basic types of pole dance, you can borrow a pole and move it and make your own moves, or they will teach you how to use it from the ground and use the pole itself – not from the air, which is very scary. It is much more dangerous to rent pole dance poles than it is to dance on them.

A pole dance floor requires about 16 poles to play or 15 poles to dance on and that is just 2 poles to move.

Can I dance the pole I rent?

Yes, you can. And not just any pole! Some of the better-known

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How much room do you need for pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Classes In Detroit Michigan
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