How much do pole dancers make?

It’s really hard to give an answer here. Most of the research on pole dancing comes from the early 1990s, when dancers were earning just about anything, particularly for their time. In 1995, however, an amazing article, “Why are so many pole dancers uneducated now?,” ran in the Los Angeles Times. It had several interesting things to say about the people who came before them and all the new folk art dancers that have sprouted up in the last decade, including a survey that showed that almost three-quarters of adult dancers had never finished basic school. The article also discussed the fact that the most commonly reported reason for going to pole dancing was, “because I like it, and I have no money, no education, no job, and no family.” It is this report that brought me to this site — both to read the history of the genre and to figure out whether I, a young and single pole dancer in the Midwest, might be able to get some kind of education, and what kind it might be, to help me succeed.
This website is dedicated to all the pole dancers who’ve walked the streets with their tails between their legs and their feet on the ground, and who were able to overcome the economic problems facing the pole industry without having to leave their houses to find more work. The goal is to ensure that pole dancer students, in the long run, also can keep their educations, because these two goals are related.
We started out with some fairly basic research, looking at where the pole dance studios are and how long they’ve been around. We also did this for the past few years — looking for new schools. For some reason, these sites only include schools of education, so we decided to do a little bit of searching on this in the past year. We eventually found a few schools of education in Michigan and Illinois. However, this isn’t a complete directory; you might want to do your own due diligence. For example, many “pole schools” do not have a page on the official website at all, so you may click on a school from Google and a small description of it will pop up as a result. In any case, here is a list of some schools with links to their Facebook page and their websites.
Click on each school’s name for more information:  New Jersey Pole Academy, Inc.,  Mile High School,  
This isn’t a list of

How much do pole dancers make?
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