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“With your big feet, your hips and back, spin.”

How is this “alluring” enough to convince a girl to give in? Well, most modern girl will not mind what you’re doing if it’s something they can do on their own, and they also won’t be offended if you tell them a guy can do this as well.

When did this idea become popular? The early ’70s.

“That’s great!” said the girl, “Why don’t you try it with some boys?”

“That’s also interesting”, said the young man. “Why don’t you try it?”

“I’d feel terrible about doing that!” said the girl and was completely gone – not one to be dissuaded, she just walked away.

This “alluring” was not used for that much longer. Girls are now too busy living the life of the party to have these experiences without their boyfriend telling them it’s “too strange” and it can “make them feel weird.” If someone wants to feel sexual with a girl while dancing, then sure I guess that’s a “step too far” and you’re way out of line, but this is the same behavior that leads to lots of broken relationships and is really just an unhealthy “catch-22” that the culture has been attempting to push on men. So, if you want to make girls feel sexually interested in you before they’ve even kissed you … then you should not be doing this.

Why would guys like something like this? Is it because they find it interesting?

While there are certain things that can be “interesting” … there are also certain things that are not. While it’s totally cool to like the idea of getting down and sexy with a girl while you’re dancing … it is really not OK to do that. This makes a girl feel that it is more than it actually is; she feels like they’ve been “slut-shamed,” and that it was her fault they were not attracted to you in the first place (which, in turn, will make her believe that sexual encounters of all sorts are only appropriate during a marriage).

So if it is “intellectual,” then it’s also not OK! It was also wrong in the past. Is it OK now? Of course not; that would be a big leap in thinking into the dark, weird, and dangerous world of dating and sexuality.

If you want to give a girl

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How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Miss Pole Dance
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