How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Beginner Pole Dance Moves Drop

Do you do it with a bunch of other girls and then spin them all in a circle? Then why the fuck would you even ask for a man? Do you spin a bunch of men? Maybe you’re a woman, so that would work, but that’s not how it works for most women.

You wouldn’t, of course, have to spin all the men in a circle. You could, if the ball doesn’t touch you, spin the ball around your body on a spinning dance-wheel to make it more difficult for a man to find the target. And that’s where you’re wrong.

Yes, it’s possible to spin a woman around. And if you do it right it’s easy. But if you do it wrong it’s not okay.

Why? Because there’s a difference between spinning a woman and spinning her around by taking a few steps back and letting her spin all around you with a high kick.

She can’t get in the way because she is completely still. And a man can walk up to her and slap her, to scare her. But he probably couldn’t touch her. No man would ever put a high kick into her while she’s spinning.

The idea that we should somehow take all female spinners out is just crazy and ignorant. It’s an idea the manosphere rejects, since they know that is impossible. As it should, they are sexist and misogynist because they reject the concept of consent.

They just don’t understand the concept because it’s not something they’ve experienced, so their assumption is that a woman wouldn’t enjoy being violated or in the presence of another man in the way a male would.

“But what about men?” you may ask. Well, if you do that kind of thing with a male, you’re going to experience something similar to what a woman did. It’s a form of degradation – an assault. And we don’t judge men for being assaulted by a woman. It’s the same thing. And you can’t go around kicking women for their pleasure.

I’m not saying women or men aren’t capable of doing things that are sexually degrading, but I am saying to do those things with a woman is wrong. You’d just be humiliating or harassing her, and would violate her consent.

That is wrong.

A woman should never be subjected to that. A man, on the other hand, should never be coerced in such a way. And that’s really all

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How do you spin a girl while dancing? – Beginner Pole Dance Moves Drop
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