How do you do the pole dance? – Best Pole Dance Ever

I mean, it’s just a bit of the dance.

S: It’s a great dance…

SS: It’s fun! It’s so fun. And everyone wants to do it! If my pole breaks, it really hurts.

S: Yeah. I don’t want to hurt my pole…

SS: If I break my pole…

S: But… But if I break my pole, I feel so bad.

SS: It’s so hurt…

S: It really hurts.

SS: I’m going to do it to do it!

S: Right…

SS: I do the dance too.

S: I…

SS: I’ll do it! You like…

S: I like it…

SS: It’s the best dance.

S: I like it!

SS: Well, come on! Come on! Let’s do it!

S: I’m a dancer, it’s my…

SS: It’s your job?

S: Well, I guess…

SS: You feel good about it. Good!

S: Sure! Sure! I feel good about it.

SS: You say that.

S: Yes, I feel good about it.

SS: And for real! That’s a real pole. Isn’t it?

S: I’m a real pole!

SS: Do you think so?

S: Yes, I think so. You look real.

SS: It’s your pole!

S: Yes. You look really good.

SS: It was a real pole for you.

S: Yes it was a real pole.

SS: Do you think it was my pole…?

S: No, I didn’t even touch it.

SS: It’s so cool! It’s so cool!

S: Yes!

SS: Do you look at it too?

S: Yes.

SS: Can you tell it?

S: Yes.

SS: You’re so handsome?

S: Thank you…

(The scene cuts to a picture of a blonde woman standing in the snow with a red dress on her head)

S: And the dress is red so that means it…

SS: It’s my

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How do you do the pole dance? – Best Pole Dance Ever
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