How do pole dancers get flexible? – Wale Megan Thee Stallion Pole Dancer Clean

Pole dancing is like ballet. You take a little bit of anything, and then you give it to your body. You get a little bit bigger. You get a little taller. And you start doing the right tricks like that. You have to work like crazy and have some kind of a training, just like you would with ballet, but with no equipment. It’s harder. You have to be really flexible to get a good fit.

[on whether pole dancing is hard.]

I think it’s very hard. If you really want to get into pole dancing, I don’t know how you can. They need to have a place like Dancer’s World or something, where you go and they teach you the basics. Because if it was just you going to the pole to find out what is pole dancing. You would end up getting hit in the face and broken up. So, you need to learn and practice all of the basics. You can’t just start. That is very hard. You must be able to do it.

[on his favorite pole dancer]

There is no favorite. It’s all about fun. I love all of the pole dancers that I know. They make me happy every night.

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Bonus Facts:

The first pole dancing contest held at the Grand Opera House in San Francisco was in 1891. In fact, it was at the Grand Opera House the first time a pole was thrown across the room. The contest was sponsored by General Elec. and was first held in the Grand Opera House.

It was the first time a pole was thrown across the theater. There was no “throwing the pole” or “throwing it.” It was more like falling backwards (which is why some believe there was more of a jump).

The pole that first competed on television was first thrown on the air by a dancer named Mrs. Thomas in 1895. The first TV pole (now called “dance pole”) wasn’t competitive, but did feature an image of a girl with a pole. The company that created them gave the pole to the women at the school where they wanted to use it to dance and so became known as “the dance pole girls”. By the end of the decade, the TV pole was no longer used.

In 1897, there

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How do pole dancers get flexible? – Wale Megan Thee Stallion Pole Dancer Clean
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