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A pole dancer’s flexibility is directly tied to the way their body is shaped. When stretching a pole dancers’ body, the amount of flexibility decreases. This is why pole dancers have such great flexibility.

How can you improve your pole dancing flexibility?

If you are unsure how much stretching to do with each round, be sure to do it for the whole session. Some people think too much can hurt, however, a stretch should be given at the end of the session. So, don’t try to stretch it all at once! Make sure you stretch for only as much as you can physically manage when you are feeling sore.

Also be mindful at least once a day that you are stretching properly. In this way, you can develop greater flexibility, increase stability, and give more comfort during performances.

3 – How to improve your stability on the pole (balance)?

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Balance refers to the ability to maintain balance despite the weight of your body. In simple terms it is balancing on a two footed platform while balancing with just one foot on the ground. One foot on the ground helps if your poles handle the weight.

How can you improve your pole balance?

This one is no surprise. Pole balance is a balance position and pole dancers’ balance is improved with practice. Some say a more balanced pole takes as much concentration as juggling or spinning a football!

In order to properly balance on a pole, you must be aware of all the balance points. Pole balancing is not that difficult, however, you must be very sure of how your body will be balanced.

For example, when a pole dancer holds tight to one leg, the other leg should naturally help balance the weight. This applies to other pole and gymnastic positions.

One must also keep in mind that when balancing, if the hips angle too far to the left or right, your foot should naturally turn into the other direction.

How can you make your pole balance stronger?

Try the same balancing exercises. This way, you will be more confident and your balance will become more refined.

4 – How to Improve your coordination?

Coordination is when your body is organized in a way which you, the person, can perform at a very high level. Your coordination is affected by your position on the pole and its length.

Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind before you start. One is to avoid too long poses and avoid bending forward

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How do pole dancers get flexible? – Pole Dance Fitness Classes Near Me Today Gif
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