How can I practice pole dancing without a pole? – Pole Dance Classes For Beginners Near Me Unit

When to pole dance outside

This one has a lot of practical applications, and is sometimes called “pole dancing outside.” It’s a great way to learn new moves on a larger stage, or when you want to do something else besides just pole dance.

As your pole dancing skills improve, you can find more reasons to try out pole dancing outside!

How do I pick a pole?

Choose a pole that is relatively similar to what you’re looking for in a pole dance partner (meaning, that’s a pole you can swing on and feel comfortable on, even if its weight is light). Look for a pole with an adjustable length, which gives you some space. Most pole dancers will prefer a 6″ (or 4.5 meters) pole. Many pole classes will offer a class with only 6″ pole for a fee ($6-$15).

Which pole moves should I practice?

When choosing a pole dance partner, choose someone you’re quite familiar with (see, there are several ways to dance a pole!). For example, you may practice moves such as “chicken dance” or “cowgirl, cattle, camel, cow, horse, buffalo”.

Also make sure you have the skill and ability to make the moves with both hands. Pole dancing should be practiced with both hands. That is why you should use someone who can swing your 8.5″ pole.

What kinds of pole class do you have?

There are a variety of pole dance classes offered by various groups and companies such as:

We’re all pretty unique with our personal style, so you can choose a pole dance style that suits your style. I’m currently a beginner and have found that the best pole dance classes are ones that are structured (so classes can also be dance classes, if you choose) – this means that there’s a time limit for when you have to move.

Are there any things you should know?

First time pole dancing? Be prepared to be nervous. It can feel like you don’t have the skill, so you may need to sit down and learn. Once you do, be prepared to move, and do as well as you can. You will be surprised by how much of a difference you make.

First time pole dancing solo? If you’re nervous but you have the attitude, you won’t feel bad to be able to go through with it.

Do you have any other tips?


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How can I practice pole dancing without a pole? – Pole Dance Classes For Beginners Near Me Unit
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