How can I practice dance at home? – Pole Dancing Championships

Dance is about rhythm, and you can take that to your dance class at home.

You can take your practice out in your house, on a dance floor, or under a streetlight with a partner or two or all on one.

How do I learn a dance pattern?

You may want to try the choreography on a variety of dance forms, such as a class with other couples or with teachers.

Check with your dance instructor or dance studio for the most appropriate dance patterns for your class. Also see How to Start Dancing in your area.

Learn more about dances and how to dance them by searching There, you’ll find choreographies, songs, and dance lessons and videos. Click here to start learning.

I’m interested in learning a new dance. What do I need?

Dance is a great way to get some rhythm and some motivation. You may want to try a dance that you already know, like Afroswing, or even a couple of the more formal dance moves that are available on

But it’s also helpful to look at dance patterns that aren’t that common, like the ones by the Duke Choreographer’s Dance, the American Ballet Theatre’s Ballet, etc.

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As a general rule, beginners want to dance around the basics. They don’t want to be dancing all the time or practice for years on end before getting started. They want to start and stop as they please. They want to move forward and not backwards. They want to feel like they can move around the dance rather than being locked to a single form.

I can’t keep up with everything that’s included in The Complete Guide to Dance by Dance Teacher, so how can I get started?

You can get started on the Dance Practice Guide by dancing yourself or by searching for something you like in the dances or dance patterns in this guide.

Dance instructors have great ideas for “beginners” who have been to dance classes in the past, and they can provide helpful suggestions to get you started. They also can provide dance patterns they think you’d enjoy, and dance classes with which to practice with a partner or three. Even if you don’t own a dance, ask someone who is, like a dance teacher or community member, or another local dance instructor.

As with anything dance-related, check with the instructors and dance

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How can I practice dance at home? – Pole Dancing Championships
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