Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dancing Classes Chicago Suburbs

“If I’m fit, then I should be able to get into those things,” Sheil said. “I’m fit, so I’m able to do them. But if I’m not fit, I’m not going to be able to do it. My body is fine and I think I’m very good. I’m fit enough that I could have a good time and really get in to it. But I’m not fit enough that I would be able to dance well enough to do as much as I am good at. I’m not going to do half the things that I should because I’m not fit enough.”

Sheil and the other dancers at Ballet in San Francisco have spent a lot of time talking about what Ballet in San Francisco represents. “Ballet in San Francisco does not want people who are too quick, who want to get in there, want to perform, they want to be there with a lot of confidence and with a lot of experience,” Sheil said. “It’s about people who get comfortable. They get comfortable and you can bring out the best in them, especially in the beginning.”

Sheil said she has a couple of personal goals for the season. She wants to get herself in better shape and work her way up the ranks from “Swan Lake” to the national dance team. She also hopes to win a championship while she is still in San Francisco.

“One of the goals,” Sheil said, “is to get some trophies.”

Ballet in San Francisco is a proud member of the San Francisco Dance Partnership, a non-profit organization that promotes the city’s unique dance culture and seeks to help keep dance in San Francisco at its best.

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Does pole dancing make you fit? – Pole Dancing Classes Chicago Suburbs
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