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This question, like many others, is one that I have come across repeatedly in the field of fitness researchers. What I have discovered is that the people who dance are not so much interested in gaining muscle as much as they are in having fun and becoming better dancers.

Some athletes and bodybuilders are willing to put up with a lot of pain in return for the results of being able to perform the exercises they desire with greater muscle size. Others, at the very least, feel they can’t put up with it if they want to look good and improve their physique.

However, some people who dance find that the intensity, the movement, the freedom and the feeling of being able to dance and create magic are all just as gratifying.

What the research tells us

All of the research cited above comes from athletes and bodybuilders. Unfortunately, it comes from studies with men who were much bigger, stronger, and bigger, faster than the average dancer.

There have been no studies conducted on women, who make up just 10 percent of the population, and who dance more often than men do.
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Studies of women dancers have shown the same results. The results found on dancers show that the more they dance and the harder they dance, the greater the muscle gains. However, no studies have found that a greater muscle mass is linked to greater strength.

All of the studies also do not consider age of the subjects or other health issues that might affect the results.

Does dancing build muscle?

There are many reasons to question whether dance building is a legitimate goal. It is difficult to get a straight answer from an individual dancer because there are several different types of dancing and various ways the subject is performed.

For example, one person may perform a move quickly during a dance, while another will maintain a level of speed for longer periods.

These variations are just one way dancers manipulate their body while performing a dance. If you can’t look at dancers on their dance floor or a videotape of them in a dance studio at the end of the year, how can you know what they should be doing to get bigger?

The other important question we must ask to determine if dancing build muscle is even real is how much of that muscle is actually muscle. If muscle mass increases by 20 percent in one workout, but the body fat remains unchanged, how many of those extra pounds did the dancer gain because of dance?

For those that question whether dance build muscle

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Does dancing build muscle? – Best Pole Dancing Classes Near Me Hip
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