Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic 2016 Judy

Strong is not the same as a good dancer.

How many pole dance moves should you be able to pull off in one round?

The most important thing in pole dancing is to be able to pull some moves off in one round. The least essential thing is getting great form.

Don’t do those moves over and over:

Do your biggest moves in one round before dropping to your mid-section and getting down.

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If you’re going in the wrong direction in a move, stick with that direction: drop it in the first round, then drop it again in the second.

Never hold a pole too long:

Do not hold a pole for too long. This causes many problems, starting with the “why” of the movement, and the most significant, the “how”. How long are you holding it? This question cannot be answered by simply asking how long your legs are. It’s like looking at the face and asking how tall the person is. You know how tall the guy was when you met him? That’s how tall he is now, which is about 90-100 cm. How long do you have to hold the pole for? It’s not always that simple. How long does it take you to get up and try to start dancing?

If you’re going too fast, you don’t want to be out of shape for the rest of your life. Don’t try to go through the motions of your own body. Keep your head and your body straight so you’re not using any muscles.

The more you learn, the more important it will become to keep both your hands and your legs healthy as you practice.

How to perform a pole dance on a pole

I find that people don’t take me seriously if I tell them the most basic steps and techniques needed to get started on pole dance as a regular dance.

They might think I’m ridiculous when I tell them just the basics of pole dancing!

This isn’t because it’s not fun! But I think that these things are important, and that’s part of the problem.

The key to pole is to make sure that the steps of your first dance are the same as your first steps on the pole. You will do better here than if you start dancing from the ground.

For me, I can still do my first dance like this: with my legs close together and holding a pole. Here’s what I mean:

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Do you need to be strong to pole dance? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic 2016 Judy
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