Do you have to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancer Lyrics Rap

We’re not allowed to bring poles. It’s not a sport. So you have to be strong. We have some kids that have never danced before. We tell them it’s very simple and it’s fun and they get into it, enjoy it. It’s not a sports. It’s just a little extra fun

What’s your relationship with the dance?

I’ve been with my husband for 10 years and he helped me develop my career. He is a coach. We go to the same dance studios. It’s just like a little family. There’s a part of me I’m very close to. I will never be able to live with myself if I wasn’t there for him and the dance was not easy for him.

Did you know that pole dancing was a thing before your daughter was born?

I didn’t know. When I was looking at the pole dancing websites or YouTube I didn’t really know. I just learned through my daughter. I’m very happy that she’s getting her feet wet. I’m very proud of her.

You just finished filming Season 2 of Dancing With the Stars. Was there any kind of stress over it? Did you worry that people would call it a gimmick, or would it cause you to lose your job?

That’s the good thing about acting. You don’t have to worry about those things. They don’t take away from what your really doing. The important thing for me right now is to keep training. It’s always about getting better.

When you do end up on Dancing With the Stars, will you go back to pole dancing?

I haven’t made a decision yet. I have a little pole here in Australia. I’m going to take my pole with me. I can show it there. Hopefully, dancing will be a part of it, something I do for fun and not something that’s gonna have an impact.

We can all be in your corner.

What if you were to show an organization how you would handle a problem, and then you would come back the next day, say, “Well this would be my thing.”

You’ve got to be ready to have an impact no matter how big or small.

You just told them what you would do if an issue arose—you weren’t trying to persuade them to do anything specific. You just wanted to have a conversation.

Now, you have to be ready when that next problem pops up. You

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Do you have to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dancer Lyrics Rap
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