Do you have to be skinny to pole dance? – Miss Pole Dance

The answer: no. Most pole dancers are not skinny at all. Our fitness and fitness training programs are very strict and fit. It’s very important to understand that a pole dancer doesn’t have to be skinny to participate. If you can pull yourself up, you can pole dance.

Did you ever have a pole dance instructor? (For example, did a choreographer tell you to lose weight?)

Most pole dancers, who participate in a competition or have their own training show, do not receive any instruction or feedback from the choreographer. To get in to pole dancing, you have to make sure that you have at least basic skills. We do not tell our dancers to lose weight. We tell them to have a solid foundation and to practice with weights until they can hold their own for five-to-ten minutes, and that takes time.

Are pole dancers paid or compensated?
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I think there is a misconception that all pole dancers are paid or compensated, but really, the majority of them are not. I get paid for advertising and training and also pay for other expenses that I don’t get paid for.

Are pole dancers able to get married?

Yes, most pole dance teachers are able to teach couples to move together in a graceful manner and to be in rhythm. One of my greatest challenges with pole dancing is finding couples that can dance together in a rhythm that is similar to that required by the choreographer, and then teaching them. I never know if people will learn to dance together or not, until they can dance together naturally themselves.

When you walk down the street, do people comment on your physical health and appearance and if they do what’s your favorite way to make them comfortable?

I often get comments from people on how beautiful you are. There are so many people walking down the street that look so amazing and gorgeous that it just becomes annoying. When you get recognized, people usually smile, wave and wave again.

Most people love your dance moves because they look so impressive! Who do you like to train and to see perform your routines?

I have a lot of friends that work with me and I train with them. There are a lot of people that I really don’t like, because they know I am able to do it well, but I try to ignore them. They are usually not talented.

How do you choose the dance moves you bring to the stage? Do you pick a genre, like ballerinas

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Do you have to be skinny to pole dance? – Miss Pole Dance
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