Can you lose weight doing pole dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic Bodybuilding

Yes, I’ve seen some of my students do their best to lose weight and improve on their pole moves. Yes, they are more than happy for other people to do it too. Yes, it is easy.

We are all motivated by food. I think we all just want to be healthier. I believe most of us want to make people proud of us for being able to eat healthy. I don’t know who has that more in common with me, myself, or anyone else, than knowing that someone can be a part of the pole dancing movement by eating right…well, maybe a lot of you are more the type who can eat a decent chunk of raw spinach in the morning, instead of just eating your favorite, and it will taste like it is the most amazing thing ever…

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Yes, that sounds great, and it will be difficult to not let go. I encourage all those who can’t make healthier choices, or if you haven’t tried them yet, just know they can be very beneficial for those who can.

No, it is more, it would be hard to eat healthy everyday because it requires dedication. When I started pole dancing (almost three years ago now!) I tried not to think about eating a salad for breakfast and having my meal to go with it. I did just that, for a couple of weeks. I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with nothing else on the plate at all. Then my food choices changed.

I decided to start eating a lot of food as a way to stay motivated…not just for pole dancing, but also for life. Yes there is that part which makes you feel proud, but it comes in stages.

Yes, it is much more difficult and difficult to put the time, energy, and will away into it. Even after all the hard work and motivation, it is still not easy to eat healthy. I know what I was thinking about when this question was asked…when you get excited about how much you want something and you want soooo much to do it, and still you can’t quite finish the thing, or are tired of it.

Yes, you still can’t eat healthily, and you also have to watch your calories and portion size and not go overboard…like not eating healthy snacks or drinks. Even food is not easy. You never knew what you were going to end up eating, and your body has to do a lot of work to figure out what you are getting yourself into. Eating healthy is

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Can you lose weight doing pole dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic Bodybuilding
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