What skills do you need to be a painter? – Online Art Classes For Beginners


I need creative skills and a solid understanding of the composition process. I’ve always thought of myself as a painter and I have to admit that a lot of my work is done with paint or pencils.

I also need to be able to communicate how the image I’m working onto will look to the reader. My work also relies on a strong sense of structure, and I need both the artist’s intuition and a strong story-telling sense.

What skills do you want in a future painter? *

I want to learn to paint from a professional point of view. I want it to be like painting for an architect or a painter for an architect… I want to be in charge of the image and know when to take a break and change up the style. I also want to be confident in my own ideas and have the confidence to share them with people and learn from them, which I know is hard when I’m doing everything on my own.

Do you paint in a digital medium? *

I would love to if the medium is digital. Having a camera in the studio also makes me feel free. Plus, I want everyone to have to use a digital camera in order to have the chance to see what I do.

Are you a painter’s or street painter’s artist?*

Street artist. I’m also a painter.

Are you an artist, illustrator, graphic designer or architect (in any discipline)? *

In a previous life, I was an architect.

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The most dangerous part of life is the day-to-day. So why do we do the thing we fear most in life and spend it to the best of our ability?

It is time we stop living in the fear and look into the future. The past is no longer that important and it is time to move past the past in order to move ahead.

When we are afraid of something, we do our best not to think about it because fear is the enemy of learning, exploration and progress.

Learning is the only way to get past fear.

In order to avoid becoming an expert, you must first learn the art of being an expert themselves.

When we fear we cannot learn, or have no experience or understanding to share or the ability to share. Thus becoming a master is the best we can hope

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What skills do you need to be a painter? – Online Art Classes For Beginners
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