What is the best way to learn to draw? – The Virtual Instructoryoutube

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You cannot make a good drawing unless you know drawing techniques. The two techniques that I taught my wife were “The Hand-in-the-Painted” and “The Method.” These two techniques, which she took for granted, gave her a huge advantage in her drawing.

When you study drawing techniques, you learn to think through and draw the object you have in your mind. In this way, you know where the point of interest is, how to create the drawing to your own liking, and have some ideas as to what is going to happen next. If a drawing isn’t working, try trying something else.

Do you have any favorite sketchbooks?

Yes. My wife has one, and I have a few more. My first book, “Drawings for Teachers and Students.” I have also designed and made a book for my son on drawing. He wants to learn the techniques of drawing. His book, “Drawing Techniques.” is also available.

What should people who want to become artists learn in school?

A great deal of what you hear today in school about the craft of drawing is not relevant. In school you learn about the medium, the technology involved in creating a drawing, but almost nothing about drawing theory or drawing techniques.

If you study drawing, do you believe you can become a great artist?

If a good person asks you whether you are successful, would you answer yes (Yes) or no (No)? That is the most important question a person can ask. Do you think you are or are you not successful?

Is it easy for you to do something you would have never thought of before, such as become a musician?

Yes. It is difficult at times, as you must be willing to learn, but many musicians have come from nothing, come from the lowest depths of social situations, become successful people, and were successful even though they did not want to become successful. The best thing my wife taught me to do is learn things slowly.

Do you remember the first time you saw a drawing?

I remember one drawing, a painting, that I took as a souvenir. My wife had put it down in a little cabinet under some newspapers. That drawing I took as a souvenir was the first one I saw. I realized immediately that this was drawing was very important.

I had never worked on a canvas with that big a piece of metal in it. I knew nothing about painting

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What is the best way to learn to draw? – The Virtual Instructoryoutube
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