What is the best way to learn to draw? – Online Art Lessons For Elementary Students

How do I get started?

1. Beginner tutorials

As an artist, you’ll want to learn to draw from tutorials, such as this one by Paul S. Thompson. You might find that he’s not up to date on recent books written about drawing, but this is a good guide to help you get to know your favorite artists’ works, and you’ll definitely get the most out of it.

The Art of Drawing

2. The right tools

If you draw for illustration or in comic books, you should know how to use the right tools for your style of drawing. Make sure to check out our new tutorial on how to draw at maximum resolution and detail.

How to Draw

3. Techniques to get started by drawing your own comics

We’ve got a great list of what you need to get started with drawing comics at maximum resolution.

5 tips for getting the most out of the Pixlr website

Free video lessons to go with McGuffey's Readers ...
4. How-To’s: The best ways to learn to draw!

Learn how to draw better with our handy how-to’s!

4 tips for drawing at maximum resolution

1. What is the best technique to start drawing with?

You don’t need to be an expert to draw at maximum resolution!

2. What kind of pencils should I use?

You won’t regret getting the best pencils for maximum resolution when purchasing any comics.

3. Which materials are the best for creating high quality images?

If you know about the best materials for high-resolution photos and images, we have that tutorial about how to create high-quality, realistic images with a new tablet device called Pixlr.

4. How to buy the best drawing book

When it comes to buying for maximum resolution photography, here’s our guide to the best comics to buy through Pcg/Publishing Direct.

5. High-Resolution Photography Tips — Free Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to download

If you know what to look for when buying Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Photoshop CC for maximum resolution photos, you’ll make sure you save yourself a lot of time. Check out this article now to download Photoshop Effects and Photoshop Elements free!

6. How to draw the largest character with the best resolution

You don’t need to be an extremely experienced artist to create the greatest impact with your best quality images. Here are our guides on how to create the most

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What is the best way to learn to draw? – Online Art Lessons For Elementary Students
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