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I use to be a drawing teacher. I’d draw anything in their classroom, it was like a magic. The kid was the one with the most energy. When I was going to college, there was a guy that I was seeing who didn’t draw much. I could tell right away he didn’t draw well. I told him so. “You can’t do that kid, his art is poor! Make things in his style. Make something in your style!” So I taught him everything I knew (aside from the art of making things in your own style). I took him to a drawing museum in the U.S… and he kept asking for more. I told him that was bullshit… and he kept asking more. The museum was great. Then I went to a museum in England, and he kept asking there too! I said, “Stop. Go home. Go to bed.” So now I have no need of them. If you don’t like art, go. But learn how to draw on some level.

I use to be a drawing teacher.

It feels like you have a lot of patience and can take a beating. Have you ever seen a kid really lose the plot?

I’ve been in a classroom with the kids where kids just keep making stupid mistakes… and the teacher just won’t let them know it. She just stands there and says nothing. It’s like they’ve given up and stopped trying.

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Have you ever seen a situation with the same situation where a drawing came up and the teacher just won’t let the student know it. “Come on, let’s do this.” It’s like this little girl goes, “no, stop!”

What happens in these situations? What’s the reaction?

It’s tough, we have a lot of them. When you get kids that are so good at drawing it’s hard to teach all the little things, the fine motor skill… how to balance. The teacher will look at you and say, “Stop! You’re drawing a face… now you can’t.” You can always tell when it’s hard to teach.

Do you have students who do amazing work with their drawings?

I’ve had kids drawing the moon, for a while the moon was only on the wall… it was always on the wall at the park. They were drawing the moon on the floor… I told them no, they need to do it on the paper in that chair in those little lines. You

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What is the best way to learn to draw? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Classifieds
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