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To answer that question, I had to see where the students were from. Most of the students I met were in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, or New Zealand.

There were a couple from the US, but I was also told one from Canada was interested. For those who don’t have an interest in drawing and would like to learn, I would suggest you pick up a notebook and draw. It is fun and the cost for a 30 day course at the University of Colorado is $4900. That is a bit pricey, but it is worth considering if you are a serious student who wants to learn to draw.

If you are a student with no drawing experience and don’t feel like spending $5000 plus on a course, you should look into drawing classes. These classes are inexpensive and teach people how to draw a cartoon like a comic book drawing instead of creating a full-length oil painting like traditional art.

Where are some great online courses that teach you the basics of drawing?

I started researching online comics courses in the US, and it seems like people are paying $600-$700 a month for online instruction. The videos do not cover just the basics like perspective, and some do not even show you how to use your mouse. There are even a few that are just a bunch of videos with no tutorial videos.

I went to University of Illinois College of Art and Design for a course that teaches you drawing basics like perspective and using different points of view to create a cartoon. It can be a bit expensive, but you do get a better feel of the subject matter. I would not recommend this course for students at high school or below college level. I would instead say if you are at college level and looking to further your art education, go for a free online course like the University of California at San Diego College of Visual Arts: San Diego School of Art’s Creative Writing for Artists. Or do some research on websites like www.learn2draw.com where there are many free online courses for people at this level.

One site I saw recently that deals with the subject matter of drawing is “Making Comics”, where you can learn everything about making comics from all angles. It is a free service that you can sign up for. It was not my favorite or the most expensive course, but it was still worth a few bucks.

What is your favorite drawing technique?

I love taking my time with each piece. Drawing takes time and I think that there is

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What is the best online drawing course? – The Virtual Instructoryoutube
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