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That’s the question I ask myself every time I open a new drawing app. I like to use Apple’s Pages for Mac or Adobe Illustrator for iPad, both of which have the same basic functionality. But if I need a little more control, I’ll turn to the iPad’s canvas-focused Sketch, which also uses iDraw as its default drawing tool.


Sketch is like pencil sketching, with a lot more built-in features:

You can add color to shapes and create line crossings

You can add circles and triangles

For a more precise line, move the cursor and drag the corners

Scales you down to four inches tall

If you’re not sure of the difference between these tools, go to the tutorial on Google Docs (the best, if you can find it) that explains in detail how each of them works.


I actually think the Apple Pencil has the better overall set of design tools at its price point, which starts at $150. The pen is comfortable to hold and can do some advanced drawing. It also has an on-device stylus, so if you need a little extra flexibility, it could be just the tool for you. Plus, the pen is more intuitive and has some pretty decent options for editing. I just think the iPad and pen are more intuitive.


A note on editing

I’m still a little unsure how Apple allows you to edit in-app. For now, it’s an incredibly tedious process. After you’ve clicked each of the pencil’s strokes down on a pencil sketch, clicking a few times to resize and position the pen will create a preview that you can then click “edit”. You can’t edit the text or fill the page in the app (you need to open an existing document to do that) and there’s no indication of what you should edit. As a result, I had to just use the sketching tools and drag and drop text around the page, which is fine when you’re just drawing, but is a bit awkward when you’re making an actual cut.


I tried editing in the Mac App Store for a number of weeks, and then eventually gave up and just went with it.

But for those with a Mac that’s built for sketching, it’s a fun way to build your art. If you want to make something that looks a little different and different can be much easier, these tools

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What is the best free drawing app? – Free Online Art Lesson For Kids
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