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By doing that you are essentially saying that you are a self taught artist in this case but you have so far come up against too many problems. A self taught artist does not actually possess the means of doing the work. In the case of a painter that means that the work was produced independently by the artist, for instance by painting with his own hands rather than by buying a canvas or other materials. By self publishing you have to buy the materials from other people. The difference between self taught artists and those whose work has been made by others is not the price – there is no such thing in that case – the difference is that you can produce a piece of work, even one not intended to be sold you can be confident that it is genuine!

I should add also that since the term was coined some writers have tried to change it so that the self-published book has to have a physical cover (cover illustration), but this simply means that the book will not be sold to customers. If you had sold your book of art to an art gallery and asked them to put up a cover illustration, that would be selling your work to an art gallery. The self-published publisher has to have a physical publisher too and this is a different matter. In the UK self-published books usually have no cover illustration, and in the United States it might have an art cover, but the cover illustration is the only copy of the book that will be out there for any customer. I have no doubt that it may be argued that there is a place for some covers which can be incorporated into the work, but the reader will have had to see how an actual piece of art was created first and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that none of my book would have a cover illustration.

What are some ways the average reader will know that what is there is genuine?

What most people don’t appreciate is that the author of a book (which is called a book in this context) might produce a few more books over the years, and they may only use a few of the covers that they now use. I have been in contact with several authors whose covers they have still not used in years, and this has probably caused a few problems when they publish another book, or sell a book to several readers. When doing the research I have had to use the same cover designs repeatedly, because so many writers have produced a number of covers. The problem with this being that one of them could be a fake or a duplicate

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What is a self taught artist called? – Online Art Courses Drawing Free
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