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There really isn’t any. There seem to be so many possible types that it’s a wonder the name is allowed to exist. However, the main types of painting all require a specific amount of effort to execute – usually at least 40 hours of effort if not more. The process required for each of the types, however, varies substantially.

Watercolor (Watercolor/Color)

Watercolor painting is based off color – the ink is poured into a water-filled canister filled with oil, and it dries. The colored ink is then applied onto the paper to finish the project. These mediums usually require a color pigment to colorize the entire piece.

Traditional Color Techniques can be mixed & matched to produce very cool tones of color to really give a visual impact. This type of painting takes 40 to 60 hours, and has the best chance of survival if done properly.

Hand-Colored Color Techniques can easily produce very strong and rich colours. It can take up to a full day to complete.

Oil and Dye-based Color Techniques are based off of an oil or natural dye that is used for creating a color scheme. These techniques are fairly well-documented, and are very time-consuming, but allow for incredible and unique colors.

Bonded & Stained Paint Techniques are extremely challenging, and take up to a couple of days and require the most skill and creativity. They come to life the most when the subject material is dyed or bonded, but can be easily accomplished with other mediums as well.

Digital or Digital Color Techniques are digital techniques that require very high levels of computer expertise to run, however they can be made to appear digital by using specially designed artwork. These can take a few days, or even longer, depending on the complexity of the image to produce.

Can I use this to create art?

As mentioned above, digital watercolor methods require the most skill to execute. These tools require a computer, with the Adobe Photoshop for Windows, or a similar program for Mac, or Illustrator.

Hand colored paints are relatively easy to make at home, but generally take longer to create. Digital colors are the most labor-intensive, and are very expensive to produce.

If you choose to use digital watercolor techniques, be sure to test the finished pieces on real watercolor canvases. It’s common to find a slight green color to the original pieces, and a slight red color to them. These

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What are the different types of painting? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes
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