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As a certificate student, what are you most interested in? Certifications such as CISSP, and OSCP are a good start, but there are many more. With that being said, here’s the list of top free online programs for certificate students.

We’ll start with CCNA, but there are many other offerings to choose from. It’s worth nothing we’ve already covered the most popular exam, the CCNA and it doesn’t even require an OSCP exam. We’re also including the most popular certifications such as the NIST NIST-SP 800-180 exam, and NIST GCSE which is a bit more difficult than a CCNA exam.

You don’t even have to pay to do this. We’ve included the course costs on the page.

1. CCSA | Cisco Certification Program

Cisco’s CCSA certification program is the most popular free online certification, and it requires an OSCP-level exam. Once you have a CCNA exam, you can start applying for CCSA exams.

There are multiple course options depending on the cert, many with a shorter certification exam, and a longer exam with a certification test. We’ve covered CCNA exam options, CCNP exam options, and a bunch of other CCSE options. This is also the certificate curriculum at Cisco. If you can’t wait, there are many other certifications you can take instead to test your skills.

2. CCNP | Cisco Networking Professional, and CCDP | Cisco Certified Security Professional

Cisco’s CCNP and CCDP certifications are probably the most popular courses for certification to get into the CCNA exam. You probably won’t get your hands on an OSCP exam as there aren’t many Cisco certifications that require it, but the CCNP exam is the most popular to get into CCNA’s. This exam is the easiest to pass at a high level because you’re basically only given a pre-recorded lecture, a few practice questions, and you do a short lab to answer the questions from the lab.

You also don’t have to pay for this course, and the course costs to get it as well. We’ve covered the course costs on the page.

3. Cisco Certified Networking Specialist.

The CCNA and CCNP certifications from Cisco are considered the best free online certifications around for most, if not all, certification programs. There is no OSCP exam to pass and the most expensive

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What are the best free online certificate courses? – Online Art Lessons For Free
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