Is udemy drawing course good? – Thrive Art School

what are uds drawing for it? how do u look at dm? i dont see u there but i will know if anything in dms, it is important to me to have good drawing for the class. i have a good feel for drawing (i am not as good as dan or ned) i do not want to lose my position in the class but the class is a good place to hone your skills and also to learn how to draw in a fast and flexible fashion

what are you going to draw this time?

i will draw for 5 years for my course. im just trying to gain a few things. i will draw for a couple of weeks first thing. i am really worried as u have to know your colors and not to forget what colors you have so that you can know your colors the best. i am really good at this kind of learning.

where do you draw from?

dunno. just a place. some art school like school is better for learning.

do u write everything down? what kind of practice do u do?

no. i usually just draw and write and do not worry about it. i just want to draw something in the air and not be too scared about when i do it. just because im drawing something that looks like a picture i will use my drawing skills. i will draw from memory and then copy and paste my drawing onto the paper. i do not care how long the thing is if i get it over with. i am good i just do things with little notes and i use my pen and paper also. i like to draw things in my head sometimes so that i do not worry too much at when its done. I prefer to see it in print.

what are your favorite subjects to draw?

art, people, architecture, animals, animals, people, objects, landscape, architecture, landscapes, people, plants, animals

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Is udemy drawing course good? – Thrive Art School
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