Is udemy drawing course good? – Online Art Lessons For Kids

Thanks a lot for your interest, I was wondering if it would be possible to give an impression here and there about where your course fits in the “learning by example” aspect and also to give a bit on the “learning by doing” part. If so, I would be greatly interested in hearing it out.

I will try to include them both when I have a good feel for them.

Thank you for your time, I did notice you are an instructor. Will you please do the same for me as well?

I am the head instructor for the course. I will see what you have written and respond.

Thanks for your attention and I hope that we can work together to bring the course as a “dynamic platform” to others.

Thanks, I’ll try to answer both.

My question was more about the concept of learning by doing in an art class and also my interest is in studying at the college level. I know we have other courses but I’m not really sure what they are and if I need anything like that.. Is there something I should do to prepare for college (or other educational institution) to prepare me? Thanks

I hope you’ll appreciate your reply!

What do you think of our course?

Thanks for your interest and I hope it will be useful.

Is the course a good one to complete?

Thank you for your interest in the course. I really enjoy learning by doing, so, I was hoping to take a few of your classes, but I don’t think I will be able to do them yet. We have other programs where you can take a few classes from time to time, so it should be easy to find other instructors who are willing to mentor/give lessons or students who are willing to help with lectures…

I’m in my 4th year of art college, but I started in Art 1-10 years back. My major is history of Art. I’m pretty good with words and drawings, so I think this course will be very useful for me. Are there any good books to download or to check out that will help me? I’m not really comfortable with the computer so am finding it difficult to find books or videos on my own. Thanks!

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Thank you for your question and hope you will find this course useful. I think you can still finish this course, although with the changes we have implemented in the program, it’s harder now than it was before

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Is udemy drawing course good? – Online Art Lessons For Kids
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