Is udemy a safe site? – Online Art Classes Canada Free

i want to keep the account clean, and my friends will follow me on skype!

1:08:14 PM tony_nix No, I’m having serious trouble understanding how to use any of this. I’m really hoping you guys can help me find any place to connect or post and I can log in to my account now! Thank you in advance for doing so!

1:09:21 PM tony_nix i need to login to my account to access any forums

1:09:31 PM tony_nix so I dont have access to my account

1:11:13 PM tony_nix I am a complete novice to online safety. I have done nothing but watch all forms of porn for the last few months. This isn’t something that I have been able to do without getting into trouble. So please if this is a problem for you guys tell me and I can get help quickly to get back in my mind. I have been playing around with security for a while now trying to get my account and everything up and running again that I lost. You should be able to help me by helping with posting and logging in to my account and I can be on the other team. Thanks for your time

1:13:22 PM tony_nix I tried everything. I even tried my old email and never got online. I will post later about my account. Thank you for everything!

1:19:30 PM codyj8 i know this is bad but i was wondering how can I see all of ur posts please

1:19:46 PM tony_nix I will get through to you as soon as I can.

1:19:59 PM tony_nix Ok guys I am going to go get some rest because this is getting really crazy. Keep me posted. I really really do need you

1:20:23 PM codyj8 ok guys i need to get back to my bed. no sleep for you guys tonight. but please have a great day

1:20:31 PM codyj8 thanks for everything!!!!

1:24:33 PM tony_nix ok you guys know how to create accounts on skype. this is where I will be posting this information.

1:25:04 PM tony_nix i think you guys have to click on the link and get yourself logged in.

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Is udemy a safe site? – Online Art Classes Canada Free
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