Is skillshare worth the money?

Skillshare offers some amazing things. You get:

Expert advice from top experts

Free webinars

Personal guidance

A high quality video library

Free training courses

There are some amazing advantages to skillshare; however, there are some negatives as well. First, even though I believe it is a great plan for people to start a career in an entry-level field, there is no reason to wait around while they pursue that goal. In fact, it gives you more time to work on making money.

Another thing that bothers me about skillshare is that the training and online lectures are delivered by people that are very knowledgeable, yet very different. For example, there is a guy who is able to give a tutorial and then tell you to go home and learn the second part of the tutorial. This guy is the same type of person that I personally have talked to and who has the ability to teach me all I need to know about something. I believe that is a great advantage of learning via training or a video library.

Finally, skillshare also charges a huge fee for the training. You get to pay $12 a day for 24 hours’ worth of training. That number could make you want to throw your hands up and vomit if you don’t feel that the cost is justified. For $12 a day, that puts your monthly cost of just $1,550. As a side note, the cost of online lessons is considerably cheaper as well – even more affordable than the cost of a classroom lesson.

Do you want to work in an entry level or technical market?

No, but I believe it is important that you understand some simple rules when creating your career path!

The first fact is you will still find jobs just the same – the skills you learn in school will likely need to be developed or developed along with career skills you develop along the way.

The next question is if you want to earn money and/or build a career on your skillshare experience.

The best question to ask yourself is whether this career will be something that you enjoy and have a place in or an obstacle that stops you.

I would argue that it is both. After all, I don’t work for a company just because I love working there, I work there because I enjoy it, which is a great side effect of having a strong desire to help others. If I work for a company because they gave me a fantastic job

Is skillshare worth the money?
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