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I’m not sure. And I am not sure the idea is actually “easier” than the idea of making a model you love; I do think there is a lot of effort involved, but I like the challenge, the feeling of making a character that is unique, that feels like it comes from someone else. But I do not think the point of painting is to just add paint and get done. To me, the whole point is to express something to you, to make you realize why you do it. You don’t get a job for “I’ll paint your picture or I’ll do your artwork,” do you? You get a job because you are great. I’ve always wanted this kind of job.

How do you go about painting a model?

I begin with a rough piece of paper and a pen. The first step is to define my goals.

If it’s an Imperial Guard model, I want that model to be accurate to the model used in the movies. It’s so important to me that the model I’m working on looks like it would have represented an army that exists in the movies. So if a model I wanted to have was an Imperial Guard tank, I would start there and work my way up until the final shape.

I love working with different colors for a variety of reasons. When I have multiple sets of models and I want them to look like their respective appearances in the films, I am very specific about colors. Some greens and some yellows I use for different things. Other colors are a combination of things that we both love, and just don’t see in movies anymore.

How do you choose models that will fit the “Toys” category of vehicles?

Most of the time I choose models that are very close to the models used in the films, but also ones that we have used before. For example, I love these Storm Troopers. I used these models a lot when I had a bunch of Storm Troopers in my shop because they were so similar to the ones in the movie.

The other thing I like to do is to look at any of my original or concept art. Sometimes in the modeling phase I will start off using those original assets because I love the way they look. This time I wanted to make a vehicle that I felt like had a little bit of uniqueness with it.

I know a lot of our readers are big sci-fi/fantasy fans. What would you say to fans who

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Is painting easier than drawing? – Free Online Art
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