Is painting easier than drawing? – Art Lessons Online For Kids

“If you paint, and you’re a fast student, that becomes easy. It’s like getting good at chess,” said the 43-year-old artist.

But one day I was sitting in the studio of a friend of Druschka’s.

In the middle of an eight-hour painting session, the young man’s eyes filled with tears.

“This is my last day at work, it means I’m giving up. I can’t do anything anymore. I can’t keep going on like this,” he said.

After Druschka completed the pictures (one of them is a landscape painting), I asked him how it felt to finish “The Starry Night, a beautiful painting of a night sky with one star in the center,” to be painted by a young, young artist, in her first painting ever.

“Oh God, this is impossible! This is the greatest feeling: That your paint really does work,” he said “I’ve been working with this in the past three months; it’s a lot of fun.”

We both laughed nervously.

Druzhinova, like many other painters, is still making her way as her talent grows. As she explains it, one day, if she is lucky, it may turn out to be her moment.

“Now, tomorrow it will be time to change; I’m not sure what I’ll do,” she said.

Druzhinova says that her biggest hope is to keep painting, and to create new art in her hometown of Soshnovo. “I hope, one day and probably even in my lifetime, I’ll be able to paint in every corner of our city,” she said.
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Is painting easier than drawing? – Art Lessons Online For Kids
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