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For the second consecutive week, the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive line struggled to keep quarterback Teddy Bridgewater upright and on target during Sunday’s 28-8 victory against the Arizona Cardinals. After struggling in a similar situation last week in Cleveland, the Vikings again were unable to produce any consistent protection during this game.

In the first half, the Vikings’ unit struggled to hold Bridgewater upright and to get him on the proper feet. Though the Vikings did make key blocks on passes to the wide receivers as Bridgewater was forced back for a few yards, there were also other instances where the offense simply lacked the correct look and protection.

The Vikings’ offensive line was not able to produce a consistent level of protection against Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd and safety Tyrann Mathieu on passing plays on the opening drive. After Floyd was able to beat defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd to the edge for an 8-yard gain on third down, the tight end was again beaten to the edge. On four other third-down plays, the Vikings failed to block Floyd and allowed Floyd to run up the field with ease.

Defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd’s third-down block on wide receiver Michael Floyd from left to right against center Phil Loadholt on third down. — Jeff Ashton-McFadden (@EaglesFanatic) September 23, 2017

The second and third plays on this series in particular exemplify the problem. In the first drive, the Vikings’ offensive line did nothing to keep Rudolph and Bridgewater upright. In the second frame, they did give an outlet or two to a wide-open wide receiver, though there are no plays to be made here either.

There were certainly some good blocks made on the play-side of the line, but there were also moments where the Vikings’ group either played too little or too much and the quarterback was forced back for no reasons.

In the second half, the Vikings’ offensive line was able to hold Bridgewater upright and consistently get him on the right foot. In short, though, the Vikings’ offensive line had another rough outing versus Arizona.

Taken: J.S. Gill at New York City’s Pimlico and Chelsea hotels on Aug. 21, 1968.

With a background in advertising, J.S. Gill founded his own advertising agency in 1966 and built a reputation for producing some of the most provocative campaigns in New York, from the psychedelic-friendly P

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Is online certification valid? – Free Online Art Courses Universities
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