How do you start off a painting?

I start in the same way I started, when I start painting, it’s all just there. It’s all about a certain thing being different. You start by looking at how the landscape is, how the sun glows on the trees, how a flower might look. You use whatever inspiration you have to fill in the picture. That’s it, all you can do. When I paint something for the first time, I just sit there and try to make something new to tell a picture. Then as you begin to develop the picture, it becomes really interesting. That’s the biggest difference.

If you can remember an entire image without looking at it to see if it’s similar to something else, is there a point where you just say, ‘I’m going to do this’?

I do have one point in my mind, but it’s a different point of my mind. For me it’s the idea of a painting that I’m creating, and there’s nothing going on and nobody looking. There’s a space, and they’re right there. You can go anywhere you want. It’s not just the idea of a place, or of a shape. All that stuff’s something that I think about, and then that’s something I create. I work in an abstract sense, and I can look at it and start creating something new. Then later on you can do more than that, and add more details.
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The best thing about the PlayStation 4 is that, unlike other major consoles, it’s capable of pushing the graphics to new highs. The PlayStation 4 can handle a lot of things at once, and it can run games at resolutions that rival Xbox One and PC at the same time. As Sony’s Andrew House shows to Ars Technica, this is possible on the new console.

You can see the performance numbers from one of Sony’s game developers, Sucker Punch. The game’s producer, Alex Ward, says that the console can handle up to 1080p60. The console can also support 1440p60 with up to 4K displays, he says. Sony says the system can also run at 60 frames per second on the PS4 Pro, and the company has even built a custom controller that can play 4K games.

And, to top it off, even though Sony announced it will be supporting all versions of Uncharted 3 on both PS3 and PS4, not even the PS4 Pro or PlayStation VR will be able to play that game at that resolution—the PlayStation

How do you start off a painting?
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