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I’m going to be straight up, one of them. The first step is to understand the subject and the way that color will impact the image you want to create. Then you can start refining the images in your mind.

Take a look at the following two paintings. How would you describe the imagery?

This picture, which I got from the web, is a painting of a man. His name is Thomas Mann. I wanted to paint his personality and I tried my best to capture the feeling of him when he is looking at the light. How do you want people to feel in a painting? You want the light to be the main theme, the main color of the picture, rather than the face or anything else. The idea is that when you paint people, you use their colors in much the same way we do with art as an inspiration. But, then it’s also about the relationship of the person to the light. That’s what I like about painting. The light is so powerful, and for me the only tool to control the image.

I like to find the connection between a person, the image you are trying to capture, and the light. How do you approach painting?

I’m not sure where we went wrong in painting. If you think about the early modern painters you might remember Pierre-Auguste Renoir. He had the same idea as I do: to paint people. But he tried to find the right balance between the subject and the light. It’s difficult to reach that balance with a painting. In a very personal painting you don’t want the light to be a source of conflict between the painter and the spectator. You can do that with a painting, or even with a mirror. When you watch a reflection from a mirror you have a completely different interpretation of the subject. If you let the light come between the portrait and the mirror you will get nothing. But if you put your light away from the reflection and place it between the portrait and the mirror, you will find something.

How do you work with light? What do you tell yourself in the morning?

I tell myself that, in the course of a day I have something to say about light, about people. That’s the difference between painting and a drawing, the difference between a painting or a drawing and a photograph. Painting works on the surface. It takes some time to make the face and the background, but that’s the idea.

In a sketch you create a sketch

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How do you start off a painting? – Online Art Lessons For Free
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