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In all the cases, we have to find a way to show what’s underneath on the artwork. We’ll create a basic mask, or just use our brushes to paint everything out with only our brushes. This way we want us to be able to start with a blank canvas and quickly build upon any part of that canvas that we want to continue to paint.

If not, we can always go back to the beginning – this is a very common method in the world of computer graphics and painting.

How did you learn to paint the canvas? What was your first memory of trying to paint anything? What was your earliest memory of drawing?

I can’t speak for anyone else except what I can remember. Like most kids, I was always drawn to drawing, particularly in painting. There’s always been a place in my heart for drawing and painting and I was always drawing things in my brain, making faces and drawing people.

My early childhood friends didn’t want to hang out with me as much so when I was 4 or 5 years old, I was left out at night. We went swimming, playing and eating in the garden at night and I could draw anything on the lake to create a scene. All of a sudden I got really interested into abstract art and made a drawing on a piece of paper and put it on the board and drew this thing. From there I became a very good draftsman. It was really fun to create all these things and see them come to life. It was like art school for me.

What do you think is the best and worst part about being a filmmaker? Why do you think people think that you’re bad at it?

I’m very happy with what I do and I find it really rewarding to make movies and films in which I have a lot of freedom to tell stories. When I make movies, I’m usually asked to do something different because I don’t have the freedom to tell the story that way. I’m very happy with my work – I just have a lot of control in what things are going to be. The hardest thing for me is, I hate when my work looks like a lot of other movies. That’s always been a challenge – I don’t feel like I have my own style that I draw on as much as other directors may.

When I think of my own work, I can tell you my idea and I’ll tell you what the story is and I also know what I want to achieve with it

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How do you start a canvas painting? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Connections Bothell
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