How do you draw an online course? – Beginners Art Lessons

It’s not something I’ve ever tried to do, and I’m in complete awe of what other courses have become. The way it’s been done, online courses tend to be about teaching the same material over and over again to a very high degree of completion and then a few times just to keep things going. The reason online courses like my courses are so popular though is that there’s a huge amount of freedom in being able to pick a different approach and make it your own. That’s the really beautiful thing about it; you’re not the teacher anymore, you’re the learner.

If you could go back in time and teach a course differently, how would you do it?

If I could go back in time and teach any course differently, this is exactly what I’d do. This time, I would absolutely go with the traditional curriculum. I could teach it through audio, or I could show the same content with all videos. When the students come to me, I would present them with both formats and then go through the entire content from start to finish and make each step that they take so much easier or so different.

I’d really prefer to be the one to do all the course, because my brain can handle anything, but if I wasn’t the instructor then I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d need an experienced teacher to teach the videos and give me all sorts of advice. I’d need a person who can answer all the questions, and my students would benefit from it just as much as I would. You look at the amount of people that are taking online courses today without having actually taken one to begin with and what a huge difference it makes. You go and you’ll realize there’s no one on the planet or anyone else on that planet who can say they did the course like my course. That’s the thing I like about it so much, I’ll sit down and listen to the lectures and then come to the end with a question and an answer. You’ll have the confidence that no piece of content has ever been given to everyone.

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering an online course?

Take it as seriously as you take everything else; this is a serious business, you understand the difference. Take the class seriously, go to your teacher, talk to the people behind the screen, know who’s behind the curtain, even though you’ve read about online instructors in a lot of other places, you also know about the teachers themselves

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How do you draw an online course? – Beginners Art Lessons
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