How do online art classes work? – Drawing Coach

Classes are offered on a one-to-one basis every Monday at 9am and include one 20-minute class. Classes are open to anyone (including children) who wants to make art. Classes are held in our gallery located at 2422 Broadway. The Gallery has a selection of large works and will have a large number of available pieces to make your art as well. Please contact [email protected] to reserve your spot in the classes!

How can I learn online?

There is an online class series that goes from 10AM to 3PM on the following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

How can I learn online?

There is even a “class” that is a series of short lessons that are based on the online classes. The lessons cover the steps we’ll teach you. If you want to learn how to paint or draw, try these lessons – if you’ve already done some of the online lessons then we can give you practice on the live show.

How does the “Class Mates” program work?

As each class has a different lesson, these lessons are organized by class so you can learn the different steps for each class, and then you can watch or listen to the live show in your place if you don’t want to do it on your own.

What other classes does The Class Mates offer?

We offer two other classes – Learn How to Paint Your Own Art with Alex (8:00-10:00) – and Learn How to Craft with Dave (9:00-10:00). We also sell art supplies and giftware.

How can I learn how to make art?

For those that are interested, the class begins with a brief explanation about the process, followed with four tutorials with tips that can help you make your best pictures.

Our class is held in the Gallery, so it allows for a bit of a time jump from where you left (assuming you make it to 6:00).

We’ve got a ton of pictures of our Art to Draw, Learn how to Make Your Own Art & Learn How to Craft classes, and a few other items (some of which have been available for several years) here for those that want to purchase.

How long are the classes?

Class size varies based on the class. Most classes are between 15-25, virtual painting class, online art classes for middle schoolers, evening art classes near me, free online art lessons homeschool connections bothell

How do online art classes work? – Drawing Coach
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