How do I find my art style? – Online Art Lessons Ideas

If you look at your art in the “Other Artists” section when you upload an image to Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media, we make available information on which works have been produced with your specific art style. We will then review all your art and select artists who have similar aesthetics to the ones we want to feature.

As you can imagine, this means that there are many different artists who can be recognized by the art style that you have chosen. Some of your artists may use an image that has a very different, or unique, aesthetic than any of the artists in our group.

Does everyone get the same art style?

Absolutely not! Artists will always differ with style and subject matter. We all have unique styles and subject matter, but we all have things that we love and we all get inspired by them.

When we say “similarities with” or “style with,” we mean that one specific artist (other than you) might make a different style or a higher quality work than another artist. We are not saying that every painting in this group can be your style or any particular image in this world is your best work. If you do your own color swatches and analyze your images or read the information provided below, you can determine which images have similarities with what you have chosen and which ones are not. Some of the artists may not make something you have chosen. This is important to note because it can affect your art selection and possibly result in you getting nothing that you have chosen.

I found something unique, but the artist who created it doesn’t have it!

We can find artists who make art and who created your particular artwork. Unfortunately, the artists in our Facebook group (or other social media), may not have the exact art style that you are looking for. We will notify you and we will match you with someone who has the artist style that you want and will send you a preview of some of their work. Please remember that this is just a preview and it is not something you should expect.

I have something that I did not expect, but I do not see their work on Facebook or Instagram

No problem! We can find artists who create art at other outlets. It is not always so obvious that that an artist is only creating art at other outlets. For instance, there are some artists who don’t create any art at all. Another example where we are able to tell you which artists are creating things is when the style of

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How do I find my art style? – Online Art Lessons Ideas
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