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Moth Priest in Dragon Age: Origins

The Moth Priest is a mage who resides in Denerim, and who, in addition to being a summoner of Mephala, has the unique ability of creating a Mephala statue when killed by a player character.

She is found in The Sorrows, next to the room with Foul Fungus and Mephala.

Related Quests [ edit ]

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Moth Priest [ edit ]

She knows a number of spells.

Mephala: You wish to summon Mephala?

Moth Priest: This is where mortals must end to become Mephala. So let us see what we can accomplish. : Well, we’ll need all the help we can get.

Mephala: Ah, yes, you have found the most important piece of knowledge I have of Mephala, ! It must be taken to the Hall of Mephala!

Mephalas Shrine [ edit ]

Mephala: Do not be afraid, Moth Priest; you come here to become one with Mephala. And one day you will do just that.

Mephalas Shrine (after Mephalas’s Blessing): What great power Mephala grants you now! Mephala’s Light!

Notes [ edit ]

Mephala only uses her Lightning Ward spell to protect her from enemies.

Mephalas’s Blessing, while extremely powerful, is also incredibly dangerous, and in any event will prove nearly impossible to deal with.

One of Mephalas’s abilities is to allow allies and herself to pass through walls or gates. However, this can be counteracted by using traps and other means.

Mephala can summon

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How do I become amazing at drawing? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Planet
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