How do I become amazing at drawing? – Drawing And Painting Lessons

For this lesson you must take 3 courses:

1. The Art of Drawing – 4x and 5x. You’re expected to master these two.

2. The Art of Drawing – All the way to Intermediate. You are expected to master these two.

Now that you have a pretty solid understanding of the fundamentals of drawing we can start to draw! I’m going to show you how to take advantage of the principles of perspective, size, light, colour and depth to create a variety of effects that we’ll see in the examples above.

This next lesson is going to be a little more difficult than all the others as it’ll deal with the actual techniques you’ll use to create your drawings. We’ll not only discuss the drawing itself, but it will also offer a step by step tutorial on how to build a basic sketch of something you wish to draw. We’ll make a rough sketch and then build around it using the techniques that we’ve discussed, all the while improving our drawing skills. So let’s get started!

The Art of Drawing – 3x

Okay now, we’re actually starting to have a clear idea of what this lesson is all about! You’ve now progressed from learning the fundamentals of drawing to mastering the fundamentals of drawing and now you want to add some more complexity to your drawings. Your drawing should be well established with detail, so lets start by getting your finger on how to draw a basic illustration.

1. Your First Sketch – Drawing your first sketch isn’t much of a challenge as it’s all about finding the right size, shape, position, and colour. It’s also important to remember the rules that you’ll be breaking, so that way if you fail to do so you’ll be forced to work a little harder at your drawing. The trick is, to find what you’re drawing and to keep it simple at the same time. Don’t use too much detail and don’t use too big a scale. Here’s your first sketch!

2. Start Drawing – Now that you’ve made your first sketch look more like a painting with a slightly blurry background, you need to move on to a picture that you’ve made – how to get it on a computer monitor.

3. Use a Pen – If you’re using a computer monitor that supports the colour black and white, then I’d suggest you use a soft pencil or eraser to take your drawing and give it a touch of colour to keep it consistent.

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How do I become amazing at drawing? – Drawing And Painting Lessons
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