How can I teach myself to paint? – Online Art Lessons For Adults

I started with doing some painting but I’ve never picked it up to any degree. I’ve done my best to stay away from the tutorials. I started painting because of a good friend, but I’m not the best painter, it’s definitely too much work for me. I started taking online tutorials as much as I could just to see how easy it was, but, I’ve been pretty limited. I’ve had online tutorials in my library once or twice since I started. I’m not bad, they are very easy at times but when I get caught up with a painting they just get boring. I feel like it’s something you really have to figure out by trying it out for yourself. But, you can certainly learn a lot from them if you’re willing to do so.

I started off doing a lot of sketches which I’ve learned quite a bit on my own. I still don’t really know all the terminology so there are still a lot of things that go on that I’m trying to catch up on by studying. I’ve had a little more time and I’m starting to be more efficient with my time, which is a lot better than before. Just recently my favorite thing to do in the studio is just draw my walls with a marker pen. I’ve just come around to using watercolor and pastels. I’m kind of learning the craft of painting with what I have, so I hope to see it grow.

What other artists have influenced your art of late?

There’s a lot. One of my favorite artists is Peter McFarrel, which is just to say my favorite artist is probably Damien Hirst, but there’s been quite a few others. I really really enjoy drawing watercolor so I look at all of it and say “Yeah, that watercolor looks like this, that’s what I’ll do.” I’m actually working on a book project and that will include watercolor drawings. I want to do a book about watercolor with a little bit of an “artist’s notebook” inside, so if someone were to see one of my watercolor drawings they might just laugh and get lost in some of those ideas so that’s just something that’s really on my mind. But yeah, there are a ton of artists that I look up to.

Do you have any artist or artist you look to for guidance?

I am actually taking art class. But, I’ve never had a teacher. I have never taken art class. Not that that’s stopping

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How can I teach myself to paint? – Online Art Lessons For Adults
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