How can I teach myself to paint? – Free Online Art Lessons Drawing

1) Be kind to yourself! You have an amazing capacity to love what you do regardless of how you approach it. When you’re feeling the worst, go outside and get your feet wet and move with confidence.

2) Take it back to basics. You have the ability to make a masterpiece by simply following a simple system in the first place. Learn about color theory and how it works. Then try a few different approaches until you find one you’re very comfortable with.

3) Have fun while you’re doing it. The greatest joy in learning to paint is being totally immersed in your work. Every single step that you take, including the way you approach your own work, is one that you will treasure every single time you look back upon your work.

4) Go to school! You’ll need more time to make your marks with less discipline than if you were to rely on trial and error. Make a plan in advance and plan things out well in advance. For now, make sure you have some basic supplies (like paints and brushes) and take your time to study.

5) Take time off. Make sure that you have at least three week’s worth of work in your to-do list so that you get used to painting with your hands and not having to keep coming back to it time and time again. You’ll want to stay away from the computer for a week if at all possible.

6) Make sure to get help. Not only is this going to take more discipline, you’re going to want to make sure to find someone who can help you. You have no idea what you’re doing if you don’t have someone to teach you.

7) If there’s no help available, find one that you feel comfortable with. If you aren’t comfortable with someone you think you can learn more from, then find an alternate source.

8) Start off simple. Learn the basics of painting by working with acrylic, pastels, watercolor and oil paints. Start and finish with the same method—so long as you get it right. If you’re struggling, find something which you think is a bit easier.

9) After a while, you start to see the end results. Take a picture and upload to your favorite social media platform and look back on the process. Do you think you were a better artist because you were able to see the finished product? Why or why not?

10) Learn to look at your work

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How can I teach myself to paint? – Free Online Art Lessons Drawing
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