Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Online Oil Painting Classes

Does anyone ever use wetting down an acrylic paintbrush?

A: Absolutely, always! It is an essential part of painting, and even more important when you use acrylic; you are often using a small brush which can create an extremely high-intensity line. For the same reason you always need a medium-sized (20g) paintbrush because in the end you are not going to get to anywhere near as much detail as you could in thinner paint (20g + 2.2 oz).

Q: How do you know when to keep painting with acrylic? Any tips, tips, tips?

A: I personally try to keep painting until my eyes bleed, usually around the halfway point. I am always going to have a little bit of pain that comes from a good paintstroke, but I can often get enough in the final product.

If your paint tends to bleed after painting more than once, you may want to re-use your paints that used to be dry, or do a quick re-painting session. And if your paint just doesn’t seem to flow nicely, you should probably try drybrushing with the thinner version of the paint.

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Q: Where can I find more information about painting with acrylic?

A: Well a lot of good info can be found in a recent guide to painting with acrylic made by Matt Buechel. The link is to his excellent guide, but the link is also to an article written by Matt about different things you can do to prepare for painting.

Also be sure to check out the new guide titled Paint Grading A Little, which gives a detailed step-by-step guide for how to paint with acrylic. If you like what you see, check out the complete guide to using acrylic paints: Paint Grading A Great Job!

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Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Online Oil Painting Classes
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