Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint? – Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Here’s how I primed mine to match my paint:

Then I sealed it all with a couple coats of clear-to-shade paint.

I still haven’t painted the head…but I can tell you that it looks great!

There’s a lot of paint in there, so I had to work a little and put some coats of acrylic and top coat. But there’s still about a dozen coats here to finish that off.

A couple of good pictures from this past summer. The paint is starting to dry now…and the weather looks bright and pretty for a summer evening. 🙂

The following interview was conducted by Jeremy Goldkorn, founder and Executive Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, a member of the Institute of International Studies at the University of Toronto, and a former senior member of the UN International Panel on Climate Change.

Q: Thank you for spending so much time in Toronto. How does it feel to be back in Canada?

A: Toronto’s a wonderful city. It’s a very vibrant city, a very vibrant city for people of color, people who experience race as a major issue, people who have experienced discrimination, who need resources to understand the situation and how to navigate through that situation.

Q: So the United Nations is here — what do you think they mean when they call Toronto a “dynamism city?”

A: It’s an amazing city that’s made a difference in a huge number of ways. But there’s one area that is especially meaningful, and it’s that I was born in Canada — my parents came to Canada as refugees. They came to Toronto, went to university at Ryerson University. They came to work for my mother and father, they worked for all the civil and construction unions. My dad’s parents came to go to graduate school. They worked in the Toronto phone company for almost three years. They had five children in Toronto. So for them to have come here, and come to a city of immigrants who were part of the immigrant experience through their parents, which is actually where they came from in the first place, to help build a better world for themselves and their children is so incredible and has been that kind of experience.

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Q: In that sense, is Toronto the perfect home for global climate change action? Is that why this is a historic year to be in this country?

A: We do need to be thinking globally, whether that means

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Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint? – Online Drawing Classes For Kids
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