Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint? – Artyfactory Portraits

Yes No

Can you add more or less of the same product? No Yes I’ve always added more but have never used any less of a product.

What is the color and style of the products you offer? I want the paint color to be different.

How should I package your products? I want to do it in a different way. How would I package it?

If you could change one thing about our website, would it be how easy it would be to order the items? What if someone were to come into the shop that didn’t know our business? What would you do to provide that information? I want people at home to know what comes to The B.G.? What would you do to make the entire process more transparent?

If you had to pick one thing and one area would it be improving. If you could do anything about it, what change would it be. Would it be on the order/process page of the website to be more clear about the order process, or the fact that you will make all product available to purchase? How do we make this process clear on order-only materials?

What is the best way for us to communicate with our customers? How do we communicate with our customers? What do we want people to know when they arrive at the store? Do we have a product or service for them that would make them feel like the owner/designer of the building?

We sell the products that we make and, as I’ve stated before, we make and offer a variety of custom paint colors & styles. Our customers will be able to purchase a variety of products, most of which require a special order that does not occur in the retail shop. Our customer may use us for any purpose. I want to tell you that we strive to be transparent and offer our customers options so they will have a unique experience.

Where are we located? B.G. Gallery & Shop is located by West End Mall between 8th and 9th Street, Portland, OR, 97209, between 6pm and 10pm daily except Sunday.

The B.G. Gallery & Shop is a two-story building, made up of two story windows. We are approximately 100 feet wide, 60 feet tall, and have a total floor area of 900,000 square feet of paint and glazing.

This is an interesting, though not terribly surprising, piece of news from the Economist today:

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Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint? – Artyfactory Portraits
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