Can you be a tattoo artist without knowing how do you draw? – Free Online Art Lessons For Beginners

I’d love to share this with you!

I have never been very successful without the right resources, so when I started getting tattooed I decided to do a “what if?” project for you.

Today I’m offering you a new tattoo studio and the first tattooed tattoo ever! Let your imagination run wild!


The Art and The Technique

I always feel it’s easy when I have a good idea in mind. And one of my very best ideas is the TATTRONIC STUDIOS. You’re probably aware that my studio has been a haven for tattooists, artists, students and enthusiasts. My clients love working at The Art and Technique, and they have never been on the wrong end of a TATSTRONICS tattoo.

TATSTRONICS is the original and only destination tattooist in the country who does body art and body modification.

This is the place of inspiration and creativity.

We specialize in tattoos that are realistic and unique. We are artists and we are tattooers, so we do a lot of original artwork. It works by drawing with real skin, using real ink, and creating tattoos with our own unique ideas. Our tattoo studio is located on the first floor of the building. It’s a small space. You will find us at 735 NW 14th.

All of our ink is hand drawn. It’s hard, messy and very fast-drawing. Our ink is made with real materials and does not contain artificial dyes. We draw at such high speed for every tattoo that it can be done in a half hour if you need it fast.
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The Art and The Technique

At The Art and Technique we do not use computer graphics. Our artists and tattooers are artists in their own right. In addition, we use the same art technology that is used on the real bodies used for body art. And since we are tattoo artists in our own right, we do not use the traditional techniques used for tattooing. Instead we create our own artwork that are a blend of traditional art techniques.

This blending is what allows us to offer tattoos that are completely original. For example, we may decide to use real, high quality ink. We may choose to have tattoos that are only on individual parts of the body. We may choose to work with a single, special shape for a tattoo.

If you want to get a tattoo

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Can you be a tattoo artist without knowing how do you draw? – Free Online Art Lessons For Beginners
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